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Tactical Shooter 2020 Template

To register for the competition send e-mail to biuro@sdacademy.wroclaw.pl with text filled like below.


Tactical Shooter 2020 – zgłoszenie



First name:

Last name:



Team (opt):

Birth date:


Chosen competitions:

Precise pistol (20zł)

Precise rifle (25zł)

Precise shotgun (24zł)

Dynamic pistol (35zł)

Dynamic rifle AK (25zł) or dynamic rifle M4 (40zł)

Dynamic shotgun (20zł)

Rapid rifle (40zł)

Physical test (5zł)

Final masacre (50zł+ammo)

      amoun of ammo (can be sent later):





T-shirt Tactical Shooter 2020 (45zł)

      Women, Man (size: S,M,L,XL,XXL)

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