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Welcome to Shooting Drill Academy

School of shooting and tactic.


Our program contains three levels of experience.

Shooter - basic training to know better the weapons and handle basics of tactic. This is rather typical shooting range training with tactic elements.

First is handgun, where you will do your first steps with weapon. Next is rifle, where you will meet some advanced elements of shooting and you will fill the ground. You need to pass exam to go to the next level.


Rifle Class

Rank Shooter

Rifle P1 - First steps with rifle M4 - 300PLN

Rifle P2 - On the knee + meet the collimator - 300PLN

Rifle P3 - On the ground with AK - 300PLN

Rifle P4 - Be quick with your rifle - 300PLN

Rifle P5 - You better run - 300PLN

Rifle P6 - Gas mask and rifle - 350PLN

Handgun Class

Rank Shooter

Handgun P0 - Precise pistol - 230PLN (optional)
Handgun P1 - First steps - 250PLN
Handgun P2 - On the knee - 250PLN
Handgun P3 - Be quick with your handgun - 250PLN
Handgun P4 - On the ground - 250PLN
Handgun P5 - Gas mask and your handgun - 300PLN


Operator - advanced level where we are going more to the realistic usage of weapons. Forget about sport shooting. Less standard shooting range approach more tactic and stress. At the end you need to pass exam.
Team - most experienced trainings. Passed exam is not all. You have to pass Topography trainings on Shooter level and instructors need to be sure that you are good and you will be not danger for the other.
Shotgun is using as the sight weapon. So the training are only on the basic level just to know how to quickly use that kind of weapon and where.

Shotgun Class

Rank Shooter

Shotgun P1 - First steps with shotgun - 250PLN

Rank Operator

Let's be more realistic

Operator P1 - Use your rifle belt I - 300PLN
Operator P2 - Use your rifle belt II - 300PLN
Operator P3 - Look at your enemy - 300PLN
Operator P4 - Get into the room - 300PLN
Operator P5 - Use your grenades - 350PLN
Operator P6 - Get in with your gas masc - 350PLN
Operator P7 - There is no entry without shotgun - 300PLN


No one can stop you

Use everything you have learned to save your friends.
Many trainings of squad tactics.



Rank Shooter

Topography P1 - 5h Study in Class Room - 100PLN

Topography P2 - Find your way ~30km - 230PLN

Topography P3 - Find your direction ~40km - 190PLN

Topography P4 - Find your way at night ~30km - 190PLN


Rank Operator

Topography P5 - Find your way on Winter ~30km - 190PLN

Topography P6 - Find your direction on WInter ~30km - 190PLN

Topography P7 - Winter at night ~20km - 190PLN

Single shot prices

Prices for a shoot done on refreshment training or just out of the training.
For the refreshment training you need to add 50PLN.


Glock17 gen 4


9mm para


H&K P30L


9mm para


S&W MP15


.223 rem






Uzkon AS13




Remington 783


.308 win


ASG Pistol - Walther P99

2PLN for one cardridge

Gas cartridges


ASG Rifle - AK47

2PLN for ~60 bullets



Shooting Drill Academy

We are increasing man capacity

Over the years we were learning our soldiers at the same time being an officers and leaders of infantry groups. We were preparing them to fight in Afghanistan and other areas in the world. Since 2012 basis on our experience and military programs we are training also civilians to prepare them to be the best in theirs future soldiers duty. To us rifle is something what increase capabilities of a man but without man is nothing. That's why what we give you is tactic on the field and possibility to know yourself and to understand how to increase your capacity.


Frequently asked questions

  • How should I dress on the training?

Comfortable clothes matched to the weather. Belt in your pant to handle equipment. Good to have shoes above the ankle, tactical gloves. For the training with Rifle and Operator long sleeve may be helpful.

  • Do I need to have ear and eye protection?

Yes, but we will give you this stuff on the training. If you have your own then of course better to take it.

  • Do I need to have 18 to join the training?

For the P0 and P1 on Shooter level, no. For the higher you need to have finished 16.

  • Can I join the training if I'm convicted court?

No, you cannot.

  • Does the training safe?

We are experienced instructors, and doing our best to keep the training safe. Never happened any accidents, but we are using real weapons and it is possible that something may happen and a lot with this depends on you. We are doing on the higher levels very advanced techniques, if you feel uncomfortable with some technique you can always tell that it's to hard so we will find another easier way to do the task.

  • May I request the training a day before?

Usually not. Remember we need a time to prepare good training, and we have really tight schedule. If on Friday you will ask for training for you group on Sunday then probably will be not possible to do. But you can always try.

  • How often new courses are starting?

It is not fixed dates, once a half year or once a year. If new courses are coming we announce that to everyone who send that are interested in the trainings and such information can be founded also on our facebook.

  • Do you organize events?

Yes. Bachelor party, birthdays and so on, but usually you need to tell us few months earlier. We have a tight schedule so the sooner you ask the better day we can reserve for you.

We can organise also transport for you.

  • May I come just to shoot without any training?

Yes. You can always come and shoot between the trainings (the dates for next two months are published), or just come for a refresher training, just call earlier that you want to join.

  • Can I use my own weapon?

Yes, just tell us earlier.

  • May I order individual training?

We are focusing on the groups, but anyway we can try to find time for your individual training.

  • Do you learn also sport shooting?

One of our course (Precise pistol) basis on sport shooting. We are also  giving such exercises during refresher trainings (precise shooting is the basis), and you can always ask for this kind of training. Anyway we are focused on the military aspects, here we are mostly experienced.

  • How many people are on the trainings?

Usually 6-10. If you have your own group it can be more.

  • How long the training takes?

Each about 3h.

  • How many bullets I have on the training?

On Shooter level 50.

On higher levels around 50 plus ASG.

  • May I go on the training anonymously?

No. We need to know your basic data like Name, address, mail, phone. On the place you need to sign up proper document. Of course your data will be not published without your permission. We need them to contact with you and to have evidence for safety reasons.




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